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Hello, I’m Sandi. Experienced graphic designer and mother of three. I have loved designing these products for my own friends and family, now I am ready to create them with you, for yours.

Combining my designs with details you provide, Blackbird can create a gift or keepsake that captures moments to remember, a treasure undeniably and uniquely yours.

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With the ink still wet on my Bachelor of Design, I launched straight into life as a Graphic Designer in creative agencies in New Zealand and around the world. For close to 20 years, I was immersed in the intense and stimulating environment that agency work provides. The tight deadlines, the powerful and inspiring energy of teams of creatives, pitching to high profile accounts and pulling long hours, I could not have loved it more.

Listening to and delivering for clients (buzzing on adrenalin and coffee)

shaped by motherhood

I returned to agency work after the birth of each of our three children, walking the working parent tightrope of balancing the demands of home and work. Loving the days at home with our growing family, while relishing my time creating, designing and delivering concepts for clients.

Balancing and responding to everyone’s needs (now surviving on coffee)

begins Blackbird

As our family grew, so did the idea of Blackbird, my own design store. The chance to create and design every day, from our rural Canterbury property, between school and preschool drop offs (and washing, so much washing).

Blackbird provides stunning, personalised pieces for families just like mine. With bespoke baby, child, and family prints, as well as a growing list of unique designs with a New Zealand twist, Blackbird is where my two worlds collide, in the most beautiful way.

Listening to and designing for you and your family (p.s still powered by coffee)

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